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Software update and IAC steps. Nacho @nacho. 7 Posts. Members. April 1,pm Would like. FiTech Fuel Injection may assign its rights and duties under this Agreement to any party at any time without notice to you. Use of Site. Harassment in any manner or form on the site, including via e-mail, chat, or by use of obscene or abusive language, is strictly forbidden.

Impersonation of others, including a FiTech Fuel Injection or other. Then back out to the main menu and scroll down to “Handheld Software Reboot” and select it, and choose the new version file that you placed in the “sys_bin” folder. Confirm with yes that you want to update the software version, and the handheld will go through the reboot procedure.

FiTech Software Update video. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. C. CrownRoyalOnTheRocks Registered. Joined 8 Posts. Discussion Starter • #1 •. I put together a little video of how to update the FiTech handheld controller software, assuming yours is out of date. Fitech NewsLatest updates on products1 Topic 29 PostsLast post: Coolant Temp Sensor adjustment 3 months ago taylorteamracing Coolant Temp Sensor adjus 3 months ago taylorteamracing.

Give Fitech a call. They typically send it within minutes. You have to let them know which handheld you have. The later model has 4 arrows surrounding the joystick while the early generation one has no arrows. They may ask which software is currently in. FiTech EFI FiTech Fuel Injection PC User Interface Welcome to the FiTech Fuel Injection Calibration Software. The FiTech Fuel Injection Calibration Software is a powerful and convenient tool for viewing and adjusting the performance of the FiTech EFI system.

Please read this document to learn more about using this software correctly. Fitech NewsLatest updates on products1 Topic 29 PostsLast post: FiTechAnswers to help you understand the capabilities and features available Topics 1, PostsLast post: can get Fitech to start 1 week ago Sincere can get Fitech to start.

Fitech update. Previous post. Fitech spring update - new features. Next post. Fitech Cholesterol & Diabetes training News Home. Two new features on Fitech! Consultation notes You can add free text consultation report to the end of the assessment. There are two ways to do this. How to reprogram your handheld video 1 of 2. FiTech EFI has extended their line of Go-Spark ignition products to include a new LS3 Coil upgrade! These new coils will help complete your LS EFI swap or even update your modern muscle car with a fresh jolt of energy.

⁠⠀ The Go-Spark LS Coils were developed to deliver optimum output with a. This course gives an overview to some of the data analysis software. The focus in this course is on software that require minimal coding and can be efficiently used by students from all branches of studies, ranging from computer science to biology, to economy, and engineering.

Tach or 2Wire+Coil = If the RPM signal input is using a 2 wire distributor to control the ignition advance with the FiTech ECU, set this to “VRCoil”.

The system MUST BE TURNED OFF AFTER MAKING THIS CHANGE – special settings are set up at the software initialization, and it will not work without this complete power off to power on cycle.

Max amount of FITech students: Persons without a valid study right to a Finnish university have preference to this course. The course provides a broad but practical view of industrial software development. Students learn the main problems, models and methods of software engineering, including traditional and agile/lean software development. Video screen shot of the procal software. FITech and Aalto University organised a virtual Women in Tech Breakfast Date on Tuesday, August 25th.

Over 70 participants came to learn more about FITech Read More. Read more about See our 5 tips for better learning alongside work!

In this course you will learn how software developers design and implement them. Subscribe and get updates about the course directly to your email. You can cancel subscription any time you want. FITech (Finnish Institute of Technology) is a network of universities of technology in Finland.

[email protected] FiTech recognizes that not everyone needs or has HP or a wild camshaft. There is a large group of enthusiasts who are happy with their ZZ4 crate engine or their ’66 Mustang’s factory engine, but still want the advantage that EFI has to deliver. Fitech has taken your needs into consideration and built an EFI designed just for that purpose. Software. Version Update IMPORTANT Note: This software requires a license for each ECU to use.

The license fee is $ and can be paid directly to [email protected] via paypal. When you connect to the ECU, a license message will pop up and show the ECU serial number. Please include this information when sending an email or payment! Download the latest versions of free software, drivers, trial versions, installers and utilities for your EFI digital printers and productivity software. Open the FiTech ProCal software. It should be able to auto-detect the handheld now.

Turn the ignition switch to ON (make sure everything is installed correctly before doing this). The “Comm” icon should appear as pressed already if the auto detection has worked.

Press the “Dash”. Trying my hand at the Pro Tuning software in my FiTech Go-EFI hp unit. Even playing with the VE Tables. Data Logging video:   This FiTech EFI is perfect for an everyday driver, a weekend cruiser, or bracket racer. Reliable and easy to tune, the FiTech EFI appeals to every driver.

The solution combines product factory business rules engine and risk management modules to ensure real time and validation of product features, pricing and underwriting rules as well as instant update of core system and performance analytics. We'll be having a lot of updates in the next few weeks! Jeremy is heading to FiTech this weekend with a lot of exiting new products to test and tune: New ECU for port or TBI (BIG power in a small package!) - Final Go-EFI prototypes for final development (feature packed!) - Go-Tune ECUs (this thing will make tuning engines so simple!).

So, I've been trying to get the laptop calibration for my FiTech Power Adder unit, but have had no luck so far finding it online. I'm having a tuner get the EFI to % for me, but I can't locate the tuning software that supposed to be on the handheld when it shipped. I've contacted FiTech a few. FITECH SETUP USED: GO EFI-4, hp NA setup w/timing control option FUEL SYSTEM: Tanks Inc. tank, stock 3/8" steel line for feed, 3/8" line for return, It's not like a tuning software program, like my HPTuners, where you can make dozens of changes, and save the file this setup seems to need the info saved, as you change it.

Getting this setting in the handheld requires a firmware update to the T or newer software, which you normally have to request from FiTech, or can access from the Pro-Cal software. PalmbchZ28 and Mike Z like this. Fitech Version 6 - Part 2 Advanced Operator Functions from Fitech Global on Vimeo.

Email Signature. A new feature in version 6 is the ability to set the send from email address for subject reports, thus an Operator’s personal email will not be used, but a group email address can be used instead.

The FITech software allows you to look at the data logged files as well, and would be just as good for looking at transient traces, however, I could not figure out how to make any 3D plots with it. All is not lost, you can still use the Excel, but, how much you can learn from the data will rely on which datalog screen you record. As the endorsed payments provider across 38% of the U.S., Fitech delivers technology payment acceptance services tailored specifically for each partnership.

This includes everything from the actual hardware and equipment used at the point of sale to the software that ensures timely distribution of funds owed to the business owner. Fitech sets. The latest tweets from @fitechsoftware. Get the latest product support information, including phone numbers, email addresses, support sites for your EFI digital printers and productivity software.

At Fitech, we invest in our employees and provide them with opportunities to advance professionally in a start-up like environment. We are looking for talented, innovative individuals who are looking to make a difference in the payments and community banking industry. We pride ourselves on hiring the right candidates that are motivated and. Version is subject to an annual license fee. After downloading and installing the software you have a 10 day trial period in which to evaluate the product.

Compatibility. Version is compatible with all EFI data loggers. Some older products may require firmware updates. For further information contact us at [email protected]   My FiTech ran great on thebut after blowing a lifter last fall and wrecking the cam I decided to go nuts with a Dart W. Couldn't get it to run well at all and one the few times I've actually gotten a response from Fitech they keep telling me there are vacuum leaks or other problems with the motor.

Bullshit. The FiTech Ultimate LS Standalone EFI ECU kit is the ultimate LS swap computer for DIY enthusiasts who want full control over their engine and transmission. Avoid having to buy additional software programs, learning how to think in computer code, or relying on a questionable 3rd party tuner. - Fitech Software Update Free Download © 2010-2021